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Smart Recovery System (SRS) could prevent tragedy

Today’s commercial airlines are the safest mode of transportation but General Aviation remains a serious safety concern. ASR’s innovative, patented safety technology will save lives by bringing a whole new level of automation, sophistication and systems integration to General Aviation aircraft.

Our mission is to save lives and reduce injury due to in-flight emergencies, such as mid-air collisions, structure failure, engine failure, pilot incapacitation and unstable meteorological conditions. Our proprietary technology is applicable to General Aviation aircraft from light sport up to and including regional commuter jets and helicopters.


ASR Smart Recovery System ASR TriChute Landing System Why Invest in ASR?

The Smart Recovery System 1.0 is an in-flight advisory system that is the foundation for all of ASR’s advanced products.
In the event of a catastrophic failure, the Smart Recovery System will deploy the TriChute Safe Landing System as a final measure.
Most pilots will fly their entire careers without ever needing the protection provided by ASR technology.

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