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21st Century Air Vehicle Recovery Systems Born of a Craftsman's Dream

Aviation Safety Resources’ mission to save lives was inspired by the dream of inventor Dario J. Manfredi, who devoted his life to creating and testing the original TriChute Safe Landing System, conceived in 1946 and FAA-tested in 1967. This mission lives on in his son, Dario P. Manfredi, and daughter, Savia Giarraffa, who updated the original technology and partnered with a team of parachute specialists, ballistics experts and experienced entrepreneurs to reorganize and incorporate in late 2018. Today ASR is improving a wide range of air recovery products in existing markets and developing new, innovative solutions to address unparalleled opportunities in the emerging Urban Air Mobility market. 


News of fatal airplane crash inspires craftsmen Dario J. Manfredi and partner Angelo Raiti to design a sprocket and gear life-saving emergency landing system for small aircraft.


Original patent for three-parachute emergency landing system is granted by US Patent Office.

Partners successfully demonstrate proprietary technology that simultaneously separates fuel-containing wings from fuselage which descend separately on individual parachutes. A Stinson aircraft was equipped with the system and flown over Lakehurst Naval Base in Lakehurst, New Jersey.

FAA grants certification for Stinson experimental aircraft to fly throughout the United States.


Manfredi loses partner but continues to pursue safe-landing system project.


Dario J. Manfredi passes away leaving intellectual property and 90% of the work toward FAA certification completed to his two sons and daughter.


Intellectual property updated and second patent filed by Manfredi family. Market research at this time reveals lack of market interest for this kind of safety technology


Market emerges for safety system following production of aircraft equipped with single parachute recovery system.


Aviation Safety Resources established as a family-owned company to commercialize the three-parachute recovery solution.


ASR creates an Innovation Team and strategic partnerships with individuals and companies expert in key areas of aviation.

ASR TriChute Landing System begins perrmanent patent filed to simplify and update ASR’s TriChute Landing System, add drogue chute and seal system exterior airbag.


ASR files permanent patent application (Number 1516-5) for the a Smart Recovery System with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Smart Recovery System patent application accepted for national & international review and published on February 7, 2010.

ASR founders reconnect with the original Stinson used in the 1967 FAA test flight and begin work on documentary film tracing the company’s history & promise of a safer GA future.







US Patent Office Issues Patent #8200379 for Smart Recovery System for General Aviation Aircraft on June 12, 2012











June 24, 2012 crash claims the life of Dr. Louis Hanson of Durham, Maine, flying Stinson Voyoger used in original 1967 FAA-sanctioned test of TriChute Safe Landing System.


ASR adds key new members to  team, expands mission to address needs of a new generation of flight.


ASR reorganizes and expands its team to address a new generation of flight. Names former BRS CEO Larry Williams ASR CEO and President.






January 2019

ASR completed a $750K series A investment and secures strategic partnerships with Task Aerospace, a leading provider of ejection seat and egress system products and Precision Aerodynamics, a leading parachute canopy design and production firm, to deliver a range in integrated safety solutions to the aerospace, defense and UAM markets.









June 2019

Aviation Executive David Treinis joins the ASR Board of Directors. 




September 2019

Signaling an expanding national presence, ASR moves its headquarters to a Jessamine County Kentucky Opportunity Zone offering investors tax advantages.











ASR holds ribbon-cutting to open new 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and assembly facility in Nicholasville, Kentucky.


September 2019

ASR wins Pitch@Revolution.

Aero competition gaining national exposure and igniting investor interest.














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