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The opportunity to impact the future of transportation is rare. You might say, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Like the automobile, the airplane and electrification, personal aerial transportation promises to change the

way we live. Aviation Safety Resources (ASR) is playing a critical role in this change and now you can too.

Invest now in ASR and join us as we revitalize, reinvent and innovate vehicle recovery systems.

Opportunity Zone Benefits


ASR is located in Kentucky's Jessamine County Opportunity Zone. Tax benefits of investing in opportunity zones include deferred income, a step up in basis & a permanent exclusion from taxable income of capital gains if held for 10 years. Visit to learn more.

ASR is seeking early stage financing.

Advanced Air Mobility Designers Have a Problem, ASR has the Solution

Our goal is to bring to market a new approach to the legacy “ballistic recovery systems” and lead a select group of dedicated, motivated and experienced industry leaders to revitalize, reinvent and innovate the industry with a series of new products aimed at sport/experimental aircraft, light sport aircraft (LSA), general aviation (GA) aircraft, urban/advanced air mobility (U/AAM), vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL, eVTOL & flying cars), electric propulsion, and unmanned aerial systems (UAS or UAV). 


Game-Changing Products

The market is ready for another player capable of providing a modern, high-tech solution to match today’s unprecedented innovation and growth in personal transport. Our products provide excellent value and lower total cost of ownership. We are creating products that are: (1) lighter weight – by ~20%; (2) less volume – by ~40%; (3) lower acquisition costs – by ~10%; and, (4) longer intervals between repack component (rocket)/system replacement, reducing total ownership costs over the life of the product.  We are offering an affordable, improved-technology alternative to legacy products and will be a better option for new installations, especially in U/AAM, eVTOL, and flying cars. 


Intellectual Property (IP) 

Since its inception, ASR’s IP portfolio has been among our most important assets. Most aspects of the IP, including the design of its configuration technologies, integration into the vehicle, automatic deployment concepts and structural design enable  unique “disruptive” operational features which create our market opportunity.


Market Entry

Market acceptance of vehicle recovery systems is at an all-time high. Yet, the current market for whole aircraft recovery systems is dominated by one primary legacy player. ASR is leveraging new materials, innovative design and ground-breaking approaches to compete head-to-head against stale designs and products. We’re creating new technologies and applying advancements in other areas to shortcut the certification process and fast-track certification of ASR products. We have moved quickly into the existing sport/experimental market and will follow into GA and LSA, while addressing the needs of the emerging advanced/urban air mobility and “flying car” markets with engineering services and groundbreaking solutions that will protect occupants and accelerate public and regulatory acceptance of this new class of personal transportation. When it comes to ensuring the safety of passengers in emergency situations, these companies have challenges and we have solutions.


Competitive Advantages

Our competitive advantage is the unique design of our vehicle recovery system, which incorporates three key elements:

  1. Parachutes – We have designed and manufacture parachute canopies that are significantly smaller, lighter and lower in volume, overcoming the primary objections to parachute installation on aircraft.

  2. Extraction/Deployment – We have teamed with a company with unprecedented experience in extraction rockets to produce an extraction rocket that is smaller, lighter weight, requires less maintenance and has a longer life than products currently on the market.

  3. Aircraft Interface – Based on many years of experience and expert engineering capabilities, we have designed aircraft/vehicle attachment points that will be capable of handling a wide variety of deployment loads.  In addition, we have developed and patented, technology for automatic deployment as well as canopy release once the aircraft/vehicle is on the ground avoiding additional damage caused by relative wind.


   Additional differentiators include:

  • Accredited FAA certification basis

  • Products that lower total cost of ownership

  • Unit cost advantages- lower product acquisition costs, new product innovations & reduced total operating cost

  • Large addressable market/legacy fleet including 213,050 active GA aircraft eligible for a vehicle recovery systems

  • Industry-leading management team


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