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Do Safety Regulators Want Parachutes On Passenger Air Taxis?

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has told a major air taxi manufacturer that it would be penalized for including a non-steerable ballistic parachute in their design, according to Larry Williams, CEO of Aviation Safety Resources, a manufacturer of recovery systems working with clients in the air taxi space.

The Vertical Flight Society

The Vertical Flight Society, founded in 1943 as the American Helicopter Society, Inc., is the world's only international technical society for engineers, scientists and others working to advance vertical flight technology.

Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA)  
Founded in 1957, the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) represents more than 1,300 aviation businesses, including repair stations that specialize in maintenance, repair and installation of avionics and electronic systems in general aviation aircraft.

Aviation Safety Network 
The Aviation Safety Network, a private, independent initiative founded in 1996, covers accidents and safety issues with regards to airliners, military transport planes and corporate jets. 

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association 
Aviation technical information on aircraft ownership, FAA regulations and enforcement, pilot certification, and medical certification; advice on aircraft operation, flight training, insurance, and other matters; assistance with flight planning, international operations, and Customs procedures.

The World's Premier Independent Aviation News Resource.

The Federal Aviation Administration - Safety Resources 
The FAA Safety Team's (FAAST) mission is to improve the Nation’s aviation accident rate by conveying safety principles and practices through training, outreach, and education; while establishing partnerships and encouraging the continual growth of a positive safety culture within the aviation community.


The Federal Aviation Administration Fact Sheet - General Aviation Safety

The United States has the largest and most diverse GA community in the world, with more than 220,000 active aircraft, including amateur-built aircraft, rotorcraft, balloons, and highly sophisticated turbojets. By working together, and focusing on data driven solutions, government and industry are making a difference to put the right technologies, regulations, and education initiatives in place to improve safety.

National Transportation Safety Board - Aviation 
Aviation accident database and synopses.

Aviation Safety Reporting System 
ASRS captures confidential reports, analyzes the resulting aviation safety data, 
and disseminates vital information to the aviation community.

The Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) System 
A facility for the integration, analysis and sharing of aviation safety data and information.




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