Aviation Safety Resources' Life-Saving Smart Recovery System Reaches New Milestone

Commercial-Grade Safety System for Small Aircraft Promises New Era of Safety for General Aviation

GLEN HEAD, NY – (June 10, 2010) Aviation Safety Resources (ASR), a pioneer in life-saving emergency-landing systems for small aircraft, today announced its patent, filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a sensor-based Smart Recovery System (SRS) last year, has been accepted for both national and international review and now is in the final stages of approval. The SRS promises to bring a new level of safety to owners of private aircraft, small commercial jets and helicopters. The company also is pleased to announce two new members to its Innovation Team charged with bringing this life-saving technology to market. The new members include Scott Lewis, an avionics engineer with more than 40 years military and commercial executive design experience; and Kai Simonsen, an accomplished producer, cinematographer, broadcast industry veteran and helicopter reporter. Applying sensor systems currently available in commercial and military aircraft to general aviation aircraft, the Smart Recovery System detects the environment in which the aircraft is operating and makes decisions based on monitoring data. The system immediately evaluates an emergency situation, identifies the devices and systems available on the aircraft, and then automatically deploys the appropriate device and/or system in the safest manner unless overridden by the pilot. “There is nothing available in the general aviation market today that does anything more sophisticated than instructing a pilot to pull a handle,” said ASR President Dario Manfredi. “Today’s commercial airlines are the safest mode of transportation but general aviation remains a serious safety concern. Our Safe Recovery System will save lives by bringing a whole new level of automation, sophistication and systems integration to general aviation aircraft.” In a 2007 report “Crash Risk in General Aviation” researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health said changes are needed to improve safety in general aviation flights. In an examination of crash risk, they found that general aviation flights averaged 1,685 crashes and 583 deaths each year from 2002 to 2005, accounting for 91 percent of all aviation crashes and 94 percent of all aviation deaths. When crashes do occur, aircraft fire is the most important determinant of survival. Among the devices and systems deployed by the Smart Recovery System to rectify an in-flight emergency are fire suppression agents, fire extinguisher systems, flight control systems, rocket members, airbags and ballistic parachute recovery systems such as the company’s patented TriChute Landing System. The TriChute Landing System is designed to equip general aviation aircraft with a pilot-controlled system that lands passengers and aircraft safely in the event of an in-flight emergency. The system separates the passenger compartment from the fuel-containing wings and deploys three parachutes using separate ballistics’ systems for the fuselage and wings. Each part lands separately allowing a controlled, level landing for the passengers while minimizing the damage to the aircraft. ASR continues to seek investors who want to get in on the ground floor of its emerging technology. Individuals interested in more information about the company’s technology and investment opportunities can call 516-676-5865, email asrco@msn.com and visitwww.aviationsafetyresources.com

About Aviation Safety Resources Aviation Safety Resources, based in Glen Head, NY, is a patent-holding family-owned company founded in 2000 by Dario P. Manfredi to fast-track the commercialization of recovery systems for general aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles. The company holds three patented inventions, with the potential to create revenue in excess of $44 million in the $150 billion general aviation market. The ASR Innovation Team consists of a blue-ribbon panel of aviation experts and its patented inventions are on the fast track to FAA certification. ASR will define a new era in general aviation safety. For more information, please visit www.aviationsafetyresources.com

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