Will a Large-Aircraft Parachute Recovery System Catch On?

Research and development is being conducted on the Cessna Caravan by a New Jersey company.

Aircraft recovery parachute maker BRS says more than 300 lives have been saved after pilots deployed the company’s system, one that gently returns an aircraft in distress back to earth. Cirrus reports more than 60 BRS deployments, many on the 3,600-pound SR22. Cirrus is also bringing a BRS parachute to the 6,000-pound SF50 Vision Jet.

But would an aircraft owner/operator of a much larger aircraft, someone already aware of the benefits of a BRS-like system, be willing to retrofit a new pilot-controlled technology to save its airplane, passengers and cargo? A recent survey conducted by Florham Park, New Jersey-based Aviation Safety Resources (ASR) makes the firm believe the answer is yes. The company is already creating the TriChute Safe Landing system, capable of rescuing an 8,000-pound aircraft such as a Cessna Caravan.

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